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It all started when my niece informed me about Wattpad and being an avid reader, I started consuming the books over the platform. Then one day, I realized my stories needed to get out of my head and reach a large audience. I summoned my courage and published a single chapter of my first book In Honour Of the Heart.

My readers not only encouraged me but a handful of established writers also guided me in the right direction.

That was when I discovered my tales were not supposed to just stay with me. I started publishing my books over there and landed my first project on the Freelancer platform in 2014. 

Since 2012, I am focusing mainly on books and e-books since my first online book came out on Wattpad. I have been ghostwriting for my clients for the last eight years and here is a snippet of my three Wattpad books which gave me the love of my readers.You can just click on Read More button to go to the stories.

I’ve put together a carefully curated selection of my latest and most influential pieces. Read through the samples below and feel free to get in touch to learn more about me and to discuss any projects you may want to send my way.


In Honour Of The Heart


Autumn Hearts

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